5 Reasons Xiaomi should take legal action against Xiaomishop.com:

Xiaomi, the Beijing based OEM of mobile devices running Android, is threatening to take legal action against an unauthorized distributor in India.

Manu Jain, the OpsBoss in India stated,

They’re infringing on trademarks and they’re making the world believe that it’s a genuine Xiaomi site, which it is not. The products sold on these websites are not meant for India and are sold at significantly higher price points. We have written to them multiple times, and we will be taking legal action against them…”

Jain made it clear that there were only 2 authorized Xiaomi distributors in India, FlipKart and Airtel. Having a look at www.xiaomishop.com, one would certainly think they are a sanctioned seller of Xiaomi devices, offering the full spectrum of the Xiaomi lineup sans the stuffed communist rabbits, so it makes sense that they would go public with the threats against a company attempting to deceive the world by attempting to sell Xiaomi products such as:
1. MiCloud

2. Where you can go to find your lost MiPhone
3. The MiPad
4. The deceptive website was also selling accessories like their track pad:

5. And TV Set top box:




Xiaomi is the leader in Chinese mobile market share, edging out Samsung in 2014 by less than one point as Samsung fell about 6 points from their 2013 Q4. Xiaomi sold more than 60 million devices in 2014, up from 14 million the year before.

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