10 years ago the iPhone was born | Video

iPhone 2G
My iPhone 1

On the 9th of January, 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the touch controlled-wide-screen iPod-internet-communicator-phone-all-in-one    device affectionately known as the iPhone.


Above are the original iPhone and the iPhone 7. While the iPhone has had its ups and downs, a few of things have always remained consistent:

  1. It changed and continues to change the industry.
  2. It out performs all other handsets.
  3. Other OEM’s attempt to recreate their versions of an iPhone in order to compete with it.
  4. It dominates the mobile space in the context of quality and profit

Rather than discuss the dominance of the iPhone, let’s focus on the nostalgia of the event 10 years ago, when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world that it changed.

No one would ever be the same:


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